Available from Specialist Tackle and Outdoor Stores Countrywide

Safari Chiller cooler boxes have been available in South Africa for the past 21 years. Greg Gardener of Port Elizabeth originally designed and developed them in his quest to supply local anglers with a high quality, robust bait box.

Greg has moved on to other things and sold the Safari Chiller Company to The Kingfisher and the Roseveare family. The cooler boxes are now being manufactured at Happy Valley Farm, Mount Pleasant Road, Manderstone, Thornville where Trevor and his capable team run the factory.

As you are aware Safari Chiller has taken a step forward in their development and improved the entire range of their boxes, whether it's the large hunting of camping type of cooler or the well-known smaller fisherman's type, they have all undergone fantastic changes. The new style fisherman's box with the new nylon lid comes in the following sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20 and 25 litres and we are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new boxes namely the 6 and 10 litre this year. They have been designed with the fisherman in mind.

The main improvement has been a shift from the lids designed with the bait board inserted in the fibre glass lid to a full nylon lid. This allows for a larger surface area for preparing bait; the nylon construction is hardier than ever which is great when preparing such baits as chokka with the use of a mallet. With one surface there is no chance of the nylon section rising and the unpleasant liquids from the bait being absorbed into the gaps between the nylon and the foam filled lids. This tended to happen with the old design and the stench was incredibly difficult to get rid of.

The seal of these new lids has been extensively tested at our factory and we are pleased to say that there is no difference whatsoever in terms of temperature variation between the full nylon and fibre glass lids. These boxes are all the traditional sizes used by anglers country wide, but now with a new improved EVA foam grip on the stainless steel handle. These boxes are also available with foam filled fibreglass lids. These improvements have seen these boxes flying off the shelf and anglers that have used them have vowed never to change from these new "fisherman's lids".

Safari Chiller is also manufacturing the larger boxes, namely the 38, 45, 60 and 85 litre boxes. These larger boxes come with foam filled fibreglass lids, two stainless steel hinges, stainless steel clips as well as an EVA seal on the lid. They come complete with two stainless steel handles and the new EVA foam grip. The Safari Chiller has been around for a long time and the original designer went to great lengths to ensure that the insulating foam fill was correct in order to give the Safari Chiller very good insulating properties.